Actor James Woods credits his new hit TV series SHARK for saving his life after he was left devastated by the sudden death of his brother earlier this year (06). MICHAEL WOODS died of cardiac arrest shortly after the pair returned from a cross country road trip in July (06) - the same week the show started shooting. James explains, "It's inconceivable. Let me tell you, life throws you curves you can't imagine and I got the worst and the best in the same week. "We started shooting this episode, and I have to say, this series kind of saved my life. "Honestly, if I weren't doing this show, and I was out on my own, I'd just be sitting in a corner, really. I have no reason to do TV - I mean, I'm alone. "The only people who are here are my elderly mother, and I certainly have enough money to take care of her, and my two nieces and nephew - I have no reason to work. "But when I work, I put on my cheerful face and do what I have to do...we have a good time and then I close that off and I go home and deal with what I have to deal with."