James Woods appeared on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO on Monday (11SEP06) to reminisce about the loss of his brother, MICHAEL, who recently died, and to discuss his connection to the 9/11 terror attacks. Michael died on 26 July (06), at the age of 49 of a heart attack, shortly after the brothers had bonded while taking a cross-country road trip together and stopped at the World Poker Tournament. Woods has an unusual connection to the 9/11 tragedy - he was flying from Boston, Massachusetts to New York City shortly before the World Trade Center was attacked on a "test flight" with two terrorists who eventually died hijacking flights on September 11. The actor spoke with the cabin crew at the time of the flight and voiced his suspicions. Reports were filed with the Federal Aviation Administration once the plane landed, but no action was taken. He explains, "As I flew back this time, I was talking about it to some of the flight attendants and I brought up something that one of the FBI agents slipped and told me, he said, 'It was great that PRESIDENT BUSH grounded the aircraft so quickly because of those other planes at Logan (Airport in Boston) that had box cutters taped under the seats. "The flight attendants said to me, yeah, we've been hearing a lot about this. There was a rumour that there may have been other planes that were set to go and because the planes were grounded so quickly those planes never got off the ground with perhaps other terrorist cells on them." The actor stressed the need for tolerance and kindness and thanked Leno for allowing him to talk about his brother adding, "Thank you for honouring him, I appreciate the opportunity to kind of share who he was with the world."