Actor James Woods' 22-year-old girlfriend is fighting to clear her name over fears a two-year-old newspaper article is ruining her own acting ambitions.
A fellow mourner accused Ashley Madison of dressing inappropriately in a "three-inch mini skirt" and chain-smoking at a funeral for Woods' brother in 2006 - allegations that even her movie star boyfriend has publicly denied.
In an interview given just a month after the funeral, Woods said, "It's a complete falsification. She wore a business suit and was there the entire time trying to help with the cooking. It is so unimaginable that people would say such harsh things at a time like this."
But the New York Daily News article still surfaces when Madison's name is searched online, and now the actress fears potential directors and friends are turned off by her portrayal in the story - and a hurtful description of her as "the antichrist... with the brain of a dead trout."
The actress states she and Woods are still together, despite claims in the story that the couple split after the funeral, and she also reveals the person who made the "malicious" remarks to the newspaper has since apologised and sent her flowers.
Madison tells WENN, "Two years ago I was very young and I didn't want to go out and make a spectacle when this article appeared.
"Jimmy (Woods) spoke out about it a month later and he and others said I should let it go, ignore it, so I did.
"But it's still what people read about me when they search my name online. This has clouded my life for two years. I've got my whole life ahead of me, it's not like I've been in the industry for 20 years."