Movie star James Woods has a new outlook on life after discovering he was 10 days from death in 2004.

The actor, 57, was told by many doctors his chest pains were nothing to worry about, but deep down he knew there was something seriously wrong.

He says, "I was, like, feeling chest pains and thinking, 'Well, this must be like eight months of indigestion. Maybe it was that pizza I ate eight months ago.'

"I just kept thinking there's was something wrong and I took all the tests, like Bill Clinton, and everything was fine - 'You've got nothing to worry about. You've got the heart of a high school athlete.'

"You go, 'OK, but how come when I walk four feet I get a pain in my chest?'

"Finally, when I was back in Rhode Island, my mom said, 'Why don't you go to my cardiologist?' who had done a great job saving her life.

"So I went in... and three hours later, when I woke up, he said, 'Well, you had about 10 days to live... and now you're fine.' In the old days you would have just died, and now, with the modern technology they have, it's like, 'You're gonna be fine and live forever.'"

17/01/2005 03:13