The death of his brother in July (06) turned stoic James Woods into a sobbing wreck and ruined what was shaping up to be the actor's best year ever. Woods had just started shooting his new TV drama series SHARK when his brother MICHAEL died of a heart attack. The CASINO star admits the tragedy acted as a catalyst for all the pent-up emotions he has felt over the years. He explains, "Since my father died when I was 12... I had never shed a tear. I've always been stoic about everything. "I went through psychoanalysis and never cried. Then my brother died, and I have cried for weeks. "He was absolutely my best friend. We never had an argument. My mom, who is 80, said, 'I would have made any deal with God if it could have been me instead of him.' I said, 'Me, too...' I can't imagine ever smiling again. "If this unbelievable tragedy had not taken place, I was having the best year of my life." To add to Woods' misery, his 20-year-old girlfriend Ashley Madison has been maligned in the press for allegedly upsetting mourners at his brother's funeral by showing up in a mini-skirt and chain-smoking through the service. He adds, "It's a complete falsification. She wore a business suit and was there the entire time trying to help with the cooking. "It is so unimaginable that people would say such harsh things at a time like this."