Actor James Woods cleverly replaced boxes of his personal items with boxes of telephone books to confound his ex-wife and her legal team - and he got away with it. The movie star refuses to identify which of his two ex-wives suffered the switch, but refers to her as "Beelzebub" and her lawyer as "the troll". Fired up by the fact that his ex and her attorney had demanded all his records, Woods visited his own lawyer's office, where the boxes were being kept before they were sealed, and cleverly made his switch. He recalls, "My lawyer sent them over and I'll never forget her lawyer saying to the judge, who knew my lawyer, 'Your honour, Mr so-and-so sent me 12 boxes of phone books.' My lawyer stood up and said, 'Your honour, I am outraged.' He was literally bleeding out of his eyes. "The judge said, 'Madam, I have known Mr so-and-so for 28 years, we play golf together, he is one of the most distinguished men. I will hold you in contempt of court if you ever make such an allegation again.' "Now that we're past the statute of limitations, I've got to tell you it was my favourite move I ever did in my whole life."