James Wan has reassured fans that his 'Aquaman' movie reshoots are nothing to worry about.

The 41-year-old director - who is helming the sixth installment of the DC Extended Universe - has been reshooting scenes for the film, but has taken to his Twitter account to insist there have been no last-minute issues with the shoot, insisting it's perfectly normal.

Responding to a fan query, James - who previously directed 'Insidious' and 'The Conjuring' - wrote: ''I didn't add a new character now, Dr Shin was in the script since day one. I had cast Randall a year ago in Aust (I'm a big fan of his/love FOTB), but I didn't shoot his stuff till now. Hence, it's literally ''pickups'' w him. Cheers. (sic)''

James insisted that reshooting scenes is a perfectly normal thing to do, revealing he's done it numerous times during his career.

He said: ''I've directed 9 features over the course of my career thus far, & only ONE of those (Death Sentence) didn't have additional photog/reshoot. On SAW, I dumped buckets of blood on @LWhannell's head. On Conjuring2, I added the Demon Nun. On Furious7, I had Dwayne drive an ambulance. (sic)''

Pressed further on the Demon Nun, James revealed he made the last-minute change because couldn't initially see the relevant scenes in his own mind before he started filming.

Asked about the decision to add the character in the 2016 thriller, he explained: ''Oh man, can of worms. Lol. For some reason as I was developing the script, I couldn't quite fully see the full picture in my head. But knowing I'll be back for additional photog, I kept developing it. Then finally in editing, once I had the whole story, it became clear as day. (sic)''