James Walsh Announces New November 2010 UK Tour Dates!

James Walsh Announces New November 2010 UK Tour Dates!

November 1st, 2010 sees keenly anticipated release of the Live at the Top of the World EP by the recording artist James Walsh. Live at the Top of the World was recorded earlier this year in the remote town of Tromso, the closest major settlement to the North Pole in the north of Norway.

Soul On Trial, Loaded Gun, Life, Man on the Hill and Silence is Easy were recorded with the incredible Tromso Chamber Orchestra and arranged by world famous composer Bernt Simen Lund. The project was the brainchild of leading Swedish music figure Fredrick Forrsman who wanted to attract global music artists to the small but vibrant picturesque town of Tromso. The event was recorded by Norwegian national TV and will be shown nationwide around across Europe to support the release.

For this unique collaboration James worked with acclaimed songwriter and producer Sacha Skarbek whose recent credits include hits by Duffy, Adele, and James Blunt. One of the standout tracks on the EP is the beautiful Man On The Hill which was written whilst in Tromso, "Its about the country people being jealous of the excitement of the city and the city people being jealous of the beautiful scenery and simple life in the country. A kind of 'the grass is always greener' message. In the end there are drawbacks to any kind of 'lifestyle'," explains James.

Soul On Trial was written by James and Sacha about a couple in a relationship who have a few demons inside and are trying to find some form of redemption to escape their chequered past, whilst Loaded Gun deals with the issues of taking responsibility for decisions in life "It is about feeling the pressure and taking the blame for everyone. A kind of a scapegoat thing. You might be the one who pulled the trigger but there were a lot of things lead up to that point. The loaded gun is merely a metaphor for that".

Life is a simple yet stirringly country tinged song, "its about those moments you have in relationships when your partner or friend does something very simple and touching and you suddenly realise you couldn't live without them". The final track on the EP is Silence is Easy, a modern classic in its own right which in this new interpretation, James hopes will be,"a good bridge between the old and the new".

To support the release of the stunning Live from the Top of the World EP, James Walsh will be performing a UK solo tour: