Actor James Van Der Beek has made his way back to the North Carolina town where he filmed his show DAWSON'S CREEK to testify in a lawsuit he filed against a real estate company.

Van Der Beek claims a real estate agent neglected to tell him about extensive water damage to a house he bought in Wilmington in 2000 for more than $800,000 (GBP440,000).

In his civil complaint, 27-year-old Van Der Beek, who sold the house last December (03), claims the repairs cost more than $80,000 (GBP44,000).

Van Der Beek did enjoy some star privileges at the courthouse on Wednesday (11AUG04), when he was allowed to enter and leave New Hanover Superior Court through the same courtroom door used by the presiding judge in the case.

13/08/2004 02:42