Former DAWSON'S CREEK star James Van Der Beek broke down in tears while his wife was in labour - because he hated seeing her in so much pain.
Kimberly Brook gave birth to baby Olivia in September (10), but it was a traumatic experience for the model and her partner.
She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "Once we got to the hospital, it took 15 hours before she arrived. It was the four and a half hours of pushing that was the hard part. I got to the point where I thought I might literally pass out while my body was uncontrollably pushing."
And Van der Beek admits seeing Brook's struggle had a profound effect on him.
He explains, "It's not easy to watch the person you love go through that. At one point in the middle, I had to excuse myself and secretly take 20 seconds in the bathroom to break down, wipe my eyes, beat my chest and man up for her. There's a reason they don't let men give birth."