James Van Der Beek named his baby daughter after an "olive tree in Israel".

The former 'Dawson's Creek' star's wife Kimberly gave birth to the couple's first child Olivia on September 25 and the inspiration behind her moniker is a romantic spot that is precious to them both.

The 33-year-old actor said: "There's an olive tree in Israel that's special to us."

Kimberly added: "We spent time under it when we first met in Israel, then we went back to this tree when I was pregnant."

Although James was allowed "full naming power," it was his wife who hinted at the particularly meaningful moniker.

He told People: "She did throw that one in my lap. We wanted her to come out and then see what her name would be. She looked like an Olivia."

Kimberly was determined to deliver Olivia via a natural birth, but she admits she did need some medical assistance after a gruelling labour.

The 28-year-old business consultant said: "It was four and a half hours of pushing. I was going for no drugs, but after pushing for two and a half hours, I was like, 'OK.' I was dilated to nine for a few hours and I wasn't going any further - she switched her position at the last minute and wasn't coming up from under my pelvic bone.

"The labour was tough but you forget about it the second they put her in your arms."

James added: "We were one of those couples who was all about natural birth . Kimberly did it as naturally as she could, but at the end of the day we were very glad we were in the hospital."