The 68-year-old singer is set to perform at Calgary and Edmonton in the Canadian province of Alberta on 7 and 8 June respectively. Following the wildfire that caused devastation in west-central Canada, and is still raging in areas, James said he felt he had no choice but to step forward and help in the only way he can.

"It's really a part of human nature to respond to things like this by wanting to lend a hand if you can. You'd like to feel as though people would be there for you if you were in a similar situation," he told The Associated Press in a phone interview on Monday (09May16).

Carolina in My Mind singer James will donate all the money made from tickets to the shows to the Canadian Red Cross, and is hoping to be able to hand over "at least a quarter of a million, maybe a $100,000 more than that."

It was during a conversation with his Canadian manager Sam Feldman that James came up with the idea. And since then, various other organisations have also made the decision to donate their proceeds from the shows to help the wildfire victims too.

"Live Nation are donating their portion of the show... the two buildings that the shows are in are donating their part to it," he added. "It's building some momentum and we hope it encourages other people to volunteer."

The wildfire began in Fort MCMurray last week (ends08May16) and led to more than 80,000 people being evacuated from the city.

While there have been no deaths caused by the fire, two people died in a car accident while trying to evacuate.