Folk icon James Taylor has joined the long list of artists seeking royalties for digital sales of songs after filing a $2 million (£1.25 million) lawsuit against Warner Bros. Records executives.
The Sweet Baby James singer and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member filed papers in Los Angeles on Thursday (13Sep12), claiming he has been underpaid for the sales of tracks and albums via iTunes and other digital download websites.
Taylor left the label after a decade in 1979, when he and record bosses signed a "termination and settlement agreement" that provided for continued payments. The deal was amended a decade ago (02), according to The Hollywood Reporter, to allow Warner Bros. to release a Greatest Hits album.
The deal didn't allow for the onset of digital downloading and now Taylor is asking for a bigger share of profits from songs his fans buy from digital or mobile outlets.
He's not alone in his royalties battle - Kenny Rogers, Sister Sledge, Peter Frampton and George Clinton are among several icons fighting for more money from digital sales.
According to the lawsuit, Warner Bros. executives and Taylor entered into a 2010 tolling agreement to extend the statute of limitations on claims to this month (Sep12). As the deadline passed, Taylor filed suit.