Late Hollywood star James Stewart was forced to regularly visit a brothel by his Hollywood studio boss to prove he was not gay, according to a new biography. In his book JIMMY STEWART, author MARC ELIOT claims MGM executive LOUIS B MAYER believed actors over the age of 25 who were single were closet homosexuals, and set up a house of ill repute next to the studio to weed out gay actors so he could cancel their contract. The beloved IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE actor was raised in a strict Presbyterian household and had no desire to have sex with prostitutes, but his manager left him with no choice. BILL GRADY is quoted in the biography as saying, "I had to lay down the law to him. "I had to tell him, 'Jim, if you don't go and give a manly account of yourself at least a few times, Mayer and the others will think you're gay. So get your a*s over there and get those rocks off with at least two of those broads.'" According to Eliot, Stewart reluctantly complied.