BOSTON LEGAL star James Spader was shocked while he was on holiday in Europe by how people on the continent enjoy short working days. The star regularly adheres to a gruelling 80-hour per week schedule and was surprised by the 35-hour mandatory work week in some European countries. He explains, "I couldn't believe it. I was making a reservation for dinner one night and I wanted to get it as late as possible. "The concierge said, 'I think I can make it for nine, but it's tough getting it later because the restaurant workers can't stay that late because they will start going into overtime. 'They have a 35-hour work week.' "(Shooting Boston Legal) we have a twelve hour day, which in fact turns into a 13 hour day, because you have an hour lunch and we work five days a week. "It takes me two and half days to work 35 hours!"