Actor James Spader insists he makes "a pretty lady" after donning a dress for an upcoming Halloween episode of his hit legal drama Boston Legal. The SEX, LIES + VIDEOTAPE star and castmate William Shatner both cross dress in the episode and Spader admits he was quite impressed with his female form. Although it isn't the first time Spader has dressed as a woman in his career, he admits it's his most convincing attempt to play a lady. He says, "I've worn what would be considered female attire previously in my career but it's mainly been sort of separates or a smart little skirt. "This was an entirely different thing; it was like chiffon and organza and it was a dress. I must tell you I really make a very attractive woman. "I require make-up. I'm not like a fresh-faced gal... I need a little help. "Sleeveless... I look like a big broad... but we did an evening scene, I threw on a little white fake fur shrug and I looked great, I looked fantastic... I looked like a pretty girl."