James Read says moisturising is the key to creating a healthy-looking tan for the likes of Lily James.

The celebrity tan expert - who has been behind Lily, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Ellie Goulding's enviable all-year-round tan - revealed that his secret to creating the perfect fake tan for his famous clients, who can't afford to sport an orange glow, is to moisturise everywhere.

Speaking to US Weekly, he said: ''Moisturise the dry areas of your body before you tan and then be sure to use a tanning mitt instead of latex gloves.

''It's important to work the leftover tan from your arms onto your hands and from your legs onto your feet and ankles.''

James - who is launching his own Coconut Water Tan Mist, Coconut Dry Oil Tan, Body Foundation and easy to apply Bronzing Mousse products on April 1 - said the biggest mistake celebrities' make when it comes to applying their tan is putting too much on.

Instead, he suggested it is better to layer up over the course of a week rather than going overboard with the initial application.

He explained: ''This will help you avoid the biggest mistake people make with self-tanning, which is over tanning. Try not to over-apply. It's best to apply it in layers or over a few days.

''Washing your hands straight after tanning will leave them white and they won't match the rest of your body. It's better to wait a few hours after tanning, so that your arms won't be a different color.''

And James admits that although he has managed to perfect the art over the years, he still has top tips for removing the colour if it doesn't turn out as expected.

He shared: ''After four days you should exfoliate so that the tan fades evenly.

''Using a steam room at the gym can also help fade a bad tan or help it to become lighter.''