Oliver and James Phelps loved showing a new side to their characters in the final 'Harry Potter' movie.

The British twins play jokers Fred and George Weasley in the wizarding movie franchise and although the pair are usually cracking jokes they were thrilled to portray a more serious aspect of the Weasley brothers as the dark wizard Lord Voldemort attacked their loved ones.

Oliver said: "It's amazing to play these characters but play them in a different way, it's the first time they're not trying to impress everyone. They're just stripped back to fear during this war."

While James and Oliver are sad that the franchise has now come to an end, James admitted he jumped at the chance to try out some dangerous activities he couldn't attempt while under contract.

He told movies.ie: "I went rock climbing which we weren't allowed to do before. I also went sky diving. It was great just to get back to normality and now we're looking forward to a new chapter of our lives."