British singer/songwriter James Morrison's biggest fear is "turning into" fellow musician James Blunt - and has dubbed the star "a bit wet". Morrison admits he "couldn't handle" being disliked by the public, and adopts a tough guy persona to avoid being associated with the YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL singer. He says, "The main thing that worries me is people don't like James Blunt any more. I can handle people not liking my music but if people stop liking you as a person that's not great. "I kind of think James Blunt did a good album. It sold well but it's not my style - it's a bit wet for me. "I try to be tougher than him. If we were in a wrestling match I reckon he would win because he is Army trained. But saying that, he's a posh guy so maybe I've got some dirty council-estate moves he wouldn't know about."