British singer James Morrison is adamant his recent comments about The X Factor were taken out of context because he never meant to insult contestants on the U.K. TV talent show.
The You Give Me Something hitmaker was reported to have criticised the show and dismissed the participants as "idiots" who can't sing, but Morrison insists he was misquoted as he actually quite likes a number of the programme's previous winners, including Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke.
He tells Bbc Breakfast, "Everything I said was taken out of context. I was saying that... artists start out on the show with a certain thing... Alexandra Burke started out with a soulful voice, the show doesn't let the winners be the artist they should be, it's not a true reflection of what they should be...
"They said I said everyone who goes on that show is an idiot and I would never say something like that. I'm not going to sit here and slag them off (insult them). There are some great artists that come out of it."