British singer James Morrison fell into a deep depression after his dad died last year (10), and spent his days "crying in bed, feeling numb".
Paramedics found Morrison's dad Paul Catchpole surrounded by empty beer cans at a property in Warwickshire, England but he passed away before he could be taken to a hospital.
It was later ruled that Catchpole, who had battled alcohol addiction for 20 years, died from liver disease after a six-month drinking binge.
Morrison reveals he asked his father to move in with him so he could forge a relationship with the star's young daughter, Elsie - and he was overcome with grief after learning his dad had died shortly after he'd made the plea.
He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I'd phone him regularly to check he was alive. He wasn't great as a dad, but I wanted him to be around more.
"The last time I spoke to him, I said, 'You've got to be the person you should have been all those years ago. You've still got time. You can be a grandad and be around a lot more.' But he'd just say, 'I don't need any help.'
"A month before (his death), I said: 'If you don't deal with this soon you are going to die.' When he died, I became depressed, crying in bed all day, feeling numb."
Morrison admits his dad's passing inspired him to live life to the full, adding: "I felt guilty about having a rock star lifestyle. But after my dad died, I thought, 'Life’s too short. What have I got to show for all my sacrifices being away on tour so much? I want a banging house.' So I bought a 1900s country gentleman’s residence in a small village. I may get a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Why not?"