PROFESSOR X, the classic comic book character, is a "sex pest" in 'X-Men: First Class', according to the actor who plays him, James McAvoy. PROFESSOR X, known as the leader and founder of the 'X-Men', is "quite happy to abuse his powers" in the forthcoming new movie.
Speaking to the New York Magazine, MCAvoy described his portrayal of the superhero as "like the president who suddenly you find out smoked a lot of pot in college". The 32-year-old Scottish actor admits to playing 'Professor X' a little differently to Patrick Stewart, who portrayed the hero in 'X-Men' and 'X-Men 2', saying, "The first thing you see, I hope they keep this sh*t in, I'm paranoid, is that I played him as a bit of a sex pest, quite happy to abuse his powers. You know, What's her favorite drink? Favorite song?" However, Mcavoy paid homage to his predecessor, saying, "I don't know what Patrick is, 65, 70? You don't realize it, but he's a fit dude, man. He's got guns!" When pushed on what fans can expect from the new-look Professor, Mcavoy slyly noted, ".he definitely mind-tickles somebody into having sex with him".
James Mcavoy stars alongside Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence in 'X-Men: First Class'. The movie has already garnered rave reviews, with noted film critic Roger Ebert saying, "The movie is high-tech and well-acted, with lots of action and noise as it portrays the origins of the X-Men".