Actor James McAvoy was so convinced a torture scene in new movie THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND would be unbearably painful he passed out on the set. Director Kevin McDonald admits even he was worried about the low-budget scene and fears he failed to convince the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: The Lion, The Witch + The Wardrobe star that everything would be fine. In the harrowing scene, MCAvoy, who plays the personal physician to infamous African leader Idi Amin, appears to be hanged from his nipples by meat hooks. MCDonald says, "This is a very cheap movie so this was done simply. James was put in a harness that had attached to the front of it a prosthetic chest with a couple of hooks in the nipples and they just pulled him up. "The thing is it looks so horrific and on the day we shot the scene we were all very nervous because it was the only special effect we had in the movie. "James was nervous because he felt it was gonna hurt. Actually in the first take, we pulled him up and he passed out. "Nobody was quite sure what had happened. I had this terrible fear that somebody had put the hooks in the wrong place and got into him somehow. Fortunately he was only out for about three seconds."