James McAvoy is holding a seven-year grudge on a former landlady - who ripped him off by stealing his deposit.
The Wanted actor, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, was renting a London flat with friends in 2001 - but, after moving out, the owner kept his $1,200 (GBP600) deposit, claiming he had trashed the home.
And MCAvoy has never forgotten the greedy landlady.
He recalls, "I moved to London when I got the part on (TV series) Band Of Brothers.
"I had been kipping (sleeping) on people's floors because the show paid nicely - but it didn't pay hugely. Finally some friends from Glasgow showed up, and we decided to rent this house together.
"But it was an absolute dive - a horrible place. The landlady was a right demon. After we moved out, she kept the deposit, saying we damaged the floor in the bathroom - but it was damaged when we got there.
"I've got a lot of hate for her. I can't believe she kept our money."