Scottish movie star James McAvoy is so dreading the workout regime for his WANTED sequel, he's keen to persuade moviemakers that his assassin character should suffer from an eating disorder.
The actor had to bulk up his frame for the first film, in which he starred alongside Angelina Jolie, and he doesn't relish having to return to the gym to regain his Wesley Gibson physique.
He says, "I got more buff than I'd ever been in my life. We also employed the 300 (movie) workout, which nearly f**king killed me.
"I might go skinny for the next film - he's a bulimic assassin, he vomits after killing... No matter what the script says, I think I'm gonna play the second film like he's in dire need of therapy. And I think he might've stopped eating."
But first the sequel has to be given the go-ahead.
He tells Nylon magazine, "They're between scripts, so, until they get a script, they can't do a schedule. And, until they get a schedule, they can't do a budget... They can't hire people, they can't do anything, really."
One thing's for sure, he'll need a new leading lady - Jolie's character, Fox, was killed at the end of the first film.