THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND star James McAvoy has come out in defence of pal Keira Knightley amid tabloid claims the actress is suffering from an eating disorder. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star has been dogged by anorexia claims for the past 18 months but insists she's just naturally skinny. And, as Knightley prepares to do battle in court with Britain's Daily Mail newspaper over claims she lied about not having an eating disorder, MCAvoy is offering his support. The CHRONICLES OF NARNIA actor, who co-stars with Knightley in new film ATONEMENT, says, "She's got a big head and a skinny neck... and she's not got humungous breasts and so they say she's anorexic. She's really not. I'll vouch for her. "I've felt every part of her in many scenes in Atonement and she is fine! There's meat on those bones, I guarantee you."