Scottish actor James McAvoy is having second thoughts about covering up for a scene in his new movie WANTED - because even he thinks it's ridiculous his character is wearing jeans.
MCAvoy's hitman character emerges from a paraffin bath after removing bullets from his body and even the actor has trouble believing he'd go through all that with his jeans on.
He tells WENN, "I was quite happy to go throughout the entire movie fully clothed, but that scene with my shirt off, there was no reason for me to have any clothing on.
"The fact that I have a pair of jeans on is kind of stretching the realms of reality, but I had a scene hugging Terrence Stamp shortly after and I so did not want to do that naked.
"So I demanded to wear a pair of jeans."
MCAvoy's co-star Angelina Jolie was much braver - she reportedly disrobed for her character's paraffin bath scene.