James McAvoy is often mistaken for an Australian.

The Scottish actor - who stars alongside Dame Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer in 'The Last Station' - admits Americans are often confused by his accent.

He said: "Even now, in America, people will go, 'Hey, I didn't know you were Irish.' You go, 'I'm not.' They go, 'What? Where are you from? Australia?' What?"

James also finds himself being confused for his fellow Scotsman, actor Ewan McGregor.

He explained: "People hear your accent and go, 'Are you Ewan McGregor?' I look nothing like him!"

The 30-year-old star has also spoken out about his pride in his co-star Dame Helen Mirren, who has been nominated for Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of writer Leo Tolstoy's wife Sofya in the biographical film.

He told the Scotsman: "We're dead, dead chuffed. We will totally be crowded round the telly cheering them on.

"It needs it. It's a small film - and there are loads of small films out there, doing well. To compete, they all need a bit of something don't they? And if they've got the big marketability of 'Avatar' then you've got no choice."