James McAvoy enjoys the build up to the Christmas period.

The 'X-Men: First Class' actor - who plays the lead role of Arthur in animated movie 'Arthur Christmas', directed by Sarah Smith - is a huge fan of the anticipation leading up to December 25 and can listen to festive tunes all of the year and not just during the traditional time.

Asked his most-loved thing about Christmas, James said: "Not only Christmas Day, but the whole build up. Making mulled wine or having Christmassy-type food. I'm in the mood to listen to Christmas songs throughout the year."

He particularly enjoyed his role in the family-friendly movie - which also features the voices of Jim Broadbent, Hugh Laurie and Bill Nighy - because he is the "most warped" member of the cast.

He said: "Arthur is innocent in the extreme, and he is enthusiastic to a fault about Christmas. Of all the Christmas clan he is probably the most warped and slightly touched."