James McAvoy felt ''freaked out'' by Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in 'It - Chapter Two'.

The 39-year-old actor - who also stars alongside the likes of Jessica Chastain, Jay Ryan and Bill Hader in the upcoming horror film - has admitted to being a little bit unnerved by the sight of Bill when he was wearing his on-screen costume.

He told 'Good Morning America': ''He's amazing. The guy who plays the clown is terrifying.

''He's a lovely guy, and yet he really freaked me out.

''I remember standing there with the rest of the cast, all these adults, and we'd all done weird freaky stuff. And we are all looking at each other going, 'I don't like being here. I don't like being an actor today.'

''He really did, he really freaked me out. I never liked clowns as a kid.''

Meanwhile, screenwriter Gary Dauberman previously revealed that 'It - Chapter Two' will attempt to bring to life some of the weirder elements from the book.

The second part of director Andy Muschietti's acclaimed re-imagining of Stephen King's 1986 novel is up and running following the success of the first movie, and Gary promised that the sequel will push even more boundaries.

He said: ''It's sort of organic; it's really kind of just chipping away at the stone and trying to find the most focused, accessible way into some of more metaphysical aspects of that book.''