James McAvoy felt like he was in the ''cult of Danny Boyle'' filming 'Trance'.

The Scottish actor revelled in the opportunity to work with the revered filmmaker in his new psychological heist thriller, 'Trance', and had an ''amazing'' time on the film.

He said: ''He's amazing. He's got an incredibly large energy. His enthusiasm is incredibly infectious and that transmits across to the crew and the cast just unbelievably.

''So we all end up running about in the cult of Danny Boyle for two or three months, which is a pleasure. He's an amazing guy.''

The 'X-Men: First Class' star also praised the director's vision on the mind-bending 'Trance', in which he plays an art auctioneer who develops amnesia after a heist attempt.

He added to BANG Showbiz: ''He packs more twists and turns into a movie than most directors could manage without it becoming obscure, annoying, confusing. The fact that he keeps it thrilling - he grabs you by the [first scene] and does not let go for 90 minutes, and at the end you're left to think - that's Danny Boyle.''