James McAvoy never gets noticed in the street.

The 'X-Men: First Class' actor - who has 11-month-old son Brendan with actress wife Anne-Marie Duff - spends most of his time in London, but is never approached by fans who do not recognise him when he is out.

He told BANG Showbiz: "People have been asking me about fame since I did 'Narnia'. It never seemed to happen.

"I've been recognised on the streets maybe about 10 times since then. It never really worries me that stuff. I'm standing outside school gates going, 'Recognise me, recognise me, please!' "

James' co-star Michael Fassbender, who plays Magneto in the movie, feels the same, but doesn't think much can be done to avoid it if it does happen.

He said: "I mean, what can you do? Hopefully it's not going to change anything. I can't really answer until I'm confronted with it but so far no problem.

"I worked with Viggo Mortensen last year in Vienna and he's in one of the biggest franchises in the world ('Lord Of The Rings') and no one bothered us."