James McAvoy made his Broadway debut on Monday (18Nov13) when he took on The 24 Hour Plays challenge.

The X-Men: First Class star was joined by a number of big names for the charity event, during which writers, actors and directors attempt to put together a series of short plays in just a day to raise money for charity.

However, MCAvoy, who played an over-sexualised version of himself in one of the plays at New York City's American Airlines Theatre, took the daunting assignment in his stride, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "It's not really a challenge. You've got an audience who are willing to go with you, you've got writers who are writing stuff that's easy to learn, you've got great people who are good at improvisation. If you mess up, the audience will like it even more."

Proceeds from the 13th annual 24 Hour Plays event will go to education charity the Urban Arts Partnership (Uap), which helps underprivileged New York schools, and the Scottish actor claims he feels a personal connection with the organisation's goals.

He adds, "I grew up in a place where people didn't have a lot of dreams, and I know 24 Hour Plays reaches out to people who are in a similar position... That's what 24 Hour Plays does. It reaches out to people who don't even have a dream, and that's really sad, so giving people the ability to project and hope and have a dream, whether they f**king achieve it or not is up to them, helping people develop hope and imagination is an incredible thing. And that's what art education does more than anything else, I think."