Scottish actor James McAvoy's flying dreams came true over Brazil when he was allowed to take the controls of a helicopter flying him and his X-Men: Days Of Future Past castmates to a promotional appearance earlier this month (May14).

The movie's stars were in Sao Paulo when they had to take off in a helicopter to avoid rush hour traffic - and MCAvoy insisted on sitting next to the pilot.

He says, "We got up over the airport and as we were flying out into the countryside, approaching Sao Paulo, he (pilot) goes, 'Would you like to fly the helicopter?' I thought he was joking and he just took his hands off the joystick... I did think the pilot was insane, but I thought, 'I like that kind of crazy'."

MCAvoy took control but admits he really should not have been flying, adding, "I'd had, like, an Ambien (sedative) or something like that... but I was with it. I just wasn't aware of it.

"I was holding the joystick and I thought, 'This is do-able, this is fine', and then the slightest movement... I took my hands off it... and he took back the thing. But two days later, flying out of Sao Paulo and we got the same helicopter pilot and, for whatever reason, he let me do it again."