James Marsden is glad he accepted a voiceover role in new animated movie CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE - because his kids were finally able to see one of his films at the cinema.
The actor, who plays a dog called Diggs in the animated tale, impressed his children - Jack, nine, and four-year-old Mary - with the role as it marked the first time they were able to watch their father's work on the big screen.
He says, "I had the realisation half way through that I don't know if they've ever seen one of my movies in the (cinema) before, so this was the first time."
And Marsden admits the family outing to see the finished project was a fun day.
He adds, "My son said, 'Dad, this is going to be cool because we can play a trick on people sitting in front of us. Your character can talk and then you'll say something in response and just confuse people in the audience.' He was getting a kick out of it!"