Actor James Marsden couldn't get the image of Kirsten Dunst as a child star out of his head as he prepared for sex scenes with the actress in new movie Bachelorette.
The Enchanted hunk and Dunst's characters 's in the wedding comedy enjoy romps onscreen, but Marsden had his reservations about the racy shoot.
He tells E! News, "Those are always daunting scenes when you see them on the schedule. You're counting the days. Kirsten was like, 'Come on, whatever. Lets have fun doing it and let's go for it'."
Marsden admits he had to try hard not to think about Dunst's breakout role in 1994 drama Interview with a Vampire: "Don't think that didn't cross my mind when we were on a bathroom counter in some random bar in New York. But she's as cool a chick as it gets. Once I knew Kirsten was game, it was much easier to do the scene."