The star of the 'Straw Dogs' remake, James Marsden, has insisted that he's not trying to compete with the original's legendary actor Dustin Hoffman, stating that he's merely trying to bring his own take on the role of lead character David Sumner.
Speaking to the Miami Herald, the remake's director Rod Lurie joked, "James Marsden is the only guy I know who lives in mortal fear of an ass-whooping from Dustin Hoffman." The 38 year-old doesn't quite see it that way though, despite noting that Hoffman's shadow will undoubtedly loom large over the new film. "I've always been pragmatic that there were going to be comparisons drawn. I mean, it's Dustin Hoffman!" Marsden exclaimed. "But Rod said he was purposely trying to cast someone who was not Hoffman-esque . We weren't coming from a place where we were trying to make it better or show how it should have been done. It was more of presenting this story to a new generation who may not have seen the original. That way, I'm not competing with Dustin Hoffman."
For Marsden the role is a sharp change in comparison to his usual fare, the actor previously best known for appearances in the first three 'X-Men' films as well as musical-based 'Enchanted,' and 'Hairspray.' He enthused though, that the chance to perform in the psychological thriller was something too good to pass up; "The last couple of years have been more in the comedy territory rather than something intense and really cerebral and violent like this movie," he explained, "It's exciting, because I get to come in and show people 'Hey, here's a side of me you haven't seen.'"