Metallica star James Hetfield has been inducted into the Hall Of Fame at his former high school in California.
The guitarist/vocalist was handed the honour by officials at Downey High School on Friday (27May11) - and he's delighted to have been recognised for his achievements after spending much of his education as "a misfit".
He says, "The one thing that comes to mind is extreme gratitude to be honoured here at the school that I was hiding in for most of the time I was here.
"I hated my school - literally. I was a misfit, I didn't fit in, didn't wanna fit in. I hid as much as possible in my music and listening to music. Yes, I did have to show up in classes and get credits and things, just to make it through, but I really did not feel like I identified with anyone. (So) to be back here, being included in the Hall Of Fame, is completely surreal..."