METALLICA star James Hetfield can't thank his bandmates enough for helping him through his darkest rehab days.

The rocker admits his 2001 spell in rehab to take control of his drinking problem was the lowest time of his life, but it made him a better man and it's all thanks to his bandmates who stuck by him.

He says, "The guys came and helped me out when I was in rehab. It was an extremely scary time, hitting bottom and wondering, 'Well, can I still be in a band?'

"It was like, 'Maybe Metallica has to not be Metallica for a little while; I have to be James Hetfield; not the singer of Metallica.

"There were absolutely no wasted days in the rehab place, that's for sure. I was so afraid of what was going on in my head. I came out with a new set of instructions."

01/05/2003 17:17