James Hetfield is extra thankful to his mum on Mother's Day, because the piano lessons she forced him to take as a kid inspired him to become a rock star.
The Metallica frontman hated the classical keyboard sessions but they introduced him to music and gave him his first steps towards a career on the stage.
Hetfield tells Metal Hammer, My mom had seen me over at a friends house just kind of start bashing on the piano, and she thought, oh, hes gonna be a musician, OK, well sign him up for piano. I did that for a couple of years and it was really a bit of a turn-off because it was learning classical pieces, stuff that I wasnt listening to on the radio, you know?
I remember it was an older womans house and the cookies at the end was the big deal. But I am so glad it was somewhat forced upon me, because the act of left and right hand doing different things, and also singing at the same time, it gave me some inkling of what I do now. Singing and playing are somewhat easier than it probably could have been if I hadnt have had piano.