He famously gave a kiss-and-tell interview about his time with KYLIE MINOGUE, but model James Gooding now insists he's trying to patch things up with his petite ex.

The pair had a high-profile bust-up which ended with Gooding selling his story to British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD. But despite the bad blood between them, he's making an effort to get to know the Australian pop diva again.

He says, "We've played a bit of phone tag. I don't think you can spend that much time with someone and then cut them off completely.

"The public's perception of us was exaggerated - I wasn't bad and Kylie certainly wasn't perfect."

James admits he's not proud of telling his tale to the tabloids, saying, "I never said the headline 'Kylie ruined my life' - she didn't. It's as simple as this - we had a relationship, it went pear-shaped and that's it."

But despite the renewed contact, the SPINNING AROUND babe's new lover Olivier Martinez has nothing to worry about. James adds, "It was a deep, deep love, but I think the love of my life is still to come."

19/08/2003 17:18