Movie star James Garner's author daughter Gigi has collected health, beauty and career tips from Hollywood's biggest divas for a new book.
Girl Talk features anecdotes and contributions from Jamie Lee Curtis, Shari Belafonte, Lucie Arnaz and Joan Rivers as well as advice from leading ladies across America for the self-help bible.
Garner says, "Women are compassionate listeners who seem to know intuitively when to offer advice or merely a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on.
"I gathered advice and insights from dozens of accomplished women across the country. Among these are an elementary school teacher, a prison warden, a company president, and a professional angler.
"In the book, women share with others their insights and tips on such topics as health, beauty, fashion, careers, emotional highs and lows, and even pets."
Actress Sally Struthers offers tips for remembering the names of people you meet, while singer Naomi Judd offers advice for removing stains.
Garner adds, "Girl Talk is like having your girlfriend over for coffee.
"My father taught me, by example as well as by words, that women are special creatures. As I worked on this book, I realised over and over again how true that is."