Actor James Garner is disappointed about accepting his Lifetime Achievement trophy at the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS - because bosses have told him he only has one minute to make his speech.

The screen veteran was elated when he learned he'd be receiving the honour at 5 February's (05) event, but he admits his alreadywritten speech will have to undergo some heavy editing.

He says, "I had a really nice speech and they called me the other day and said, 'How long is it?' and I said, 'Oh, about three-and-a-half minutes.' They said, 'No, you only get one minute!' One minute for a lifetime!

"But I'm also nominated the same night for supporting actor... (the winner in that category) gets 45 seconds, I get a whole minute. So if I should win - which I won't - I'm gonna say, 'I got a minute for the achievement award. I'm gonna take my 45 seconds here and put it on there!'"

22/01/2005 02:41