Concerns are growing for the health of James Garner, after the actor was photographed visiting a Beverly Hills, California hospital, looking frail and distant.
A nurse and driver struggled to carry the 80-year-old Maverick star from his car into a wheelchair outside the medical centre, before he was strapped in and pushed inside.
Garner - clutching a cane and wearing the colours of his favourite college American football team, the University of Oklahoma - appeared vacant and oblivious to the photographers snapping away at him.
Garner suffered a stroke in May, and spent three weeks in hospital after undergoing surgery. Speaking after he was discharged, a friend insisted the star would recover, saying, "He's pulling through, but he has a long recovery ahead of him. But he's improved steadily."
But one onlooker told WENN, "He looked pale. The photographers tried to talk to him, but he didn't respond. Some of the photographers got up close, but he didn't seem aware they were even there."
The actor's representative has confirmed, "Jim was at the medical centre yesterday for a routine outpatient check up with his doctor."