SOPRANOS star James Gandolfini pulled a Mafia-style trick at a charity bash - to get the staff to carry on serving.

Organisers at the party in New York's trendy 24 restaurant had told him that the $420 (GBP300)-a-head fundraiser was over because the staff weren't paid overtime.

But the furious TV actor, who gets $735,000 (GBP525,000) an episode playing New Jersey criminal Tony Soprano in the hit series, demanded that they keep working, and ordered a meeting to discuss the problem.

And a few minutes later it became clear that the hot-shot's stunt had worked - he appeared to announce that the staff had "seen the errors of their ways" and would carry on working.

A guest says, "James came out of the kitchen with a big knowing smile. It could have easily been a scene from the Sopranos. Everyone was applauding him as he sat down. James laid it on the line Soprano-style and staff went back to work for no extra pay."