A writer for Yale University's newspaper has shrugged off a perceived feud with James Franco after the actor appeared to lash out at her.
The 127 Hours star took aim at the student publication by posting a photo of himself in a car with the words 'F**K The Yale Daily News' on his Twitter.com page.
The outburst was in response to 20-year-old Cokey Cohen, who sent him the message, "Your Twitter sort of sucks," while she was blogging for the Yale Daily News about Franco's Oscars co-hosting duties on Sunday (27Feb11).
But Cohen insists she was only poking fun at Franco's novice attempts at updating his Twitter feed.
She tells the New Haven Register, "My tone is tongue-in-cheek. I would usually never berate someone for tweeting inadequately, because that would be hypocritical - but James Franco is not just some rando (random person) on Twitter.
"He's a Celebrity Tweeter, which deserves all caps and necessitates a higher quality of meaningless, incessant electronic communication."
Cohen is an English major at Yale, where Franco is pursuing a doctorate.