James Franco has pulled out of directing and starring in 'Garden of Last Days' two weeks before filming is due to begin.

The actor-and-director had committed to the project as his next directorial effort, but the film is now expected to be scrapped as he has walked away amidst a scuffle with movie studio/financiers Millennium, according to Deadline.

The star reportedly disagreed with the studio about several crew members he intended to hire for the film - which was due to begin production on July 10 - because they couldn't get clearance from a partner insurance company to work on the set.

Franco signed on for the film - which is an adaptation of Andre Dubus III's novel of the same name - in late April and had cast 'Game of Thrones' beauty Emilia Clarke as his leading lady.

'Garden of Last Days' tells three interwoven stories about the underbelly of America, focusing on a stripper who brings her three-year-old child to work with her; a lonely man who is thrown out of the same strip club; and a wealthy foreigner on the verge of committing a frightening act.

The film was due to be produced by 'Olympus Has Fallen' star Gerard Butler, along with Alan Siegel, Danielle Robinson, Hanna Weg, Vince Jolivette and Miles Levy.