Milk star James Franco has posed in drag for a new portrait series inspired by famed snapper Cindy Sherman.
The Hollywood actor dons a cropped blonde wig and straw boater hat to recreate an image from Sherman's ground-breaking Untitled Film Stills collection, and also reenacts a shot in which she posed with a long scarf draped over her head.
In another photo, Franco appears despondent as he crosses his arms and stands in front of a church wearing a long black dress and boots.
Franco, who previously posed in drag for the cover of a transgender magazine, admits cross-dressing helps him get into character.
He says, "Drag is very liberating. We're all just putting on costumes and playing our parts. It's nice to play other parts than what's expected."
The 34 year old's work is being displayed, along with a video installation he has created, as part of the New No Dark Wave exhibition at a Costume National store in New York City.