James Franco is the face of Coach's new fragrance.

The 39-year-old actor has been announced as the new representative for the American fashion house's latest scent Coach for Men, which is set to hit stores in September this year.

And the film director has been praised as the ''quintessential-cool Coach guy'', because he is ''handsome'', dangerous, as well as ''energetic and prolific''.

Speaking about the dark-haired hunk and his new venture with the popular brand, Coach's Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, said: ''James is the quintessential-cool Coach guy. He's handsome, there's a bit of danger and he's thoughtful and challenging, energetic and prolific. He represents so many of the references I've used at Coach - references of American style that resonate around the world.''

And the '127 Hours' star has revealed he accepted the offer to partner with the label because he believes the company has an ''added spin'' on their creations, which he can relate to his acting career.

James said: ''Creativity is the way I engage with life. It's the way I engage with other people and communicate, and it's really the way I find meaning in life. I enjoyed collaborating with Stuart. There are a lot of references to Coach tradition in his designs, but with an added spin, and that idea is something I have done in my creative work.''

Meanwhile, James believes his other ventures aside from his roles in front of the camera have made him a better actor.

Speaking previously, the filmmaker said: ''Doing these other things was a release, and I think it made me a better actor.

''Because when I was only acting, I was trying to do all of these things as an actor. I was on my own mission. I was acting for myself - to do a great performance for me, not for the movie. But that's not my job as an actor.

''As soon as I got to direct my own films or escape the film world and into these other realms, when I came back to the film world, I could be pure about it.''