James Franco will help film students at New York University distribute a movie.

The '127 Hours' actor is currently teaching a number of film students at the prestigious educational establishment and he reveals the work they do may eventually end up being seen by a wide audience.

He said: "It's a production class, so my students will all collaborate and work together.

"By the end of the class they will make a feature film that we will distribute, so I kind of see that as a way to give deserving students and opportunity to make something and give them the opportunities that I was given."

However, the 33-year-old star does not believe all those desperate to get into the world of cinema need to have a helping hand, as there are now many ways to be successful and people can be the "gate-keepers".

He told Fox411: "I'm always supportive of people that go out and make things on their own.

"I spent many years as an actor auditioning and trying to get parts in big movies and being rejected-and yes, in a sense that's maybe one thing you have to go if you want to do a certain type of movie-but you can also go out and do your own thing.

"The technology of today is more accessible, and if people can go and do that and not have to depend on other types of gate-keepers to do what they love-I think they definitely should."